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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Walker. 

On the 22nd January Daryl Walker, the pastor of Box Forest Wesleyan Methodist Church, married Karen Banting. It was a very special afternoon for the happy couple- but also an exciting day for the church. After the service, the brand

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Congratulations David and Rebecca!

Each year more of our students celebrate a significant mile-stone in their study as they graduate with an award. Recently David and Rebecca Stockill celebrated together. David completed his Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology and has commenced his Advanced

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Principles of Prayer

Recently, we viewed the War Room movie at our evening service at Banyule Wesleyan Methodist church. Miss Clara has a special little closet, which she dedicates to praying, and she calls it War Room. While watching, my mind wondered back

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10 Reasons to grow with Wesleyan Investment Foundation (WIF)

1. We are your partners in ministry. The primary purpose of WIF is to serve churches at all levels with funding and financing of ministry. To WIF, your loan means eternal life for those who are lost in sin, and

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Excelsia College Invests in Business Studies

Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute) is going from strength-to-strength. Within the last two months, Excelsia held the Grand Opening of its new campus in Sydney’s Macquarie Park and launched the Lumen Research Institute in association with Indiana Wesleyan University to

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Invest in Kingsely Australia

This month’s theme of “Invest” resonates well with the ministry of Kingsley Australia. Invest in lives- training for ministry: Our goal as a college is to invest ourselves into the lives of others. Kingsley trainers in training centres around the

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One of the Wesleyan Churches’ national auxiliaries is Club Solo Ministries, which is a singles ministry to those who are divorced, widowed or have never married. It operates in four states of Australia with our main group in Melbourne, and

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Mythbusters – Internship Edition

WE HAVE TO HAVE HEAPS OF MONEY TO AFFORD AN INTERN ** MYTH Interns need their day-to-day living expenses covered. A family in your church might host and feed them, someone might have a bicycle they could use and you

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Man Camp 2015

“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time” The second Wesleyan Methodist Church men’s camp was held last weekend at QCCC Mapleton, Qld. 70 men went up the mountain to join together to hear Holy Spirit inspired

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Tears for a broken world

We are being inundated by the push for the change to the definition of marriage being between a man and woman. We could spend our lives trying to hold back the tide of moral decay. While this is a worthwhile

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