Ministry to Men

Or did I mean Men’s Ministry? Simple semantics, but with a big impact. Men’s Ministry being a ministry for men, or Ministry to Men being a ministry focused on Men. It’s a little thing, but it certainly impacted the way I have thought about this ministry.

If the ministry is focused on having men, our efforts will be focused on the numbers of men. If the ministry is focused on raising men, then our focus will be on training and enabling men.

There is no doubt, it’s getting harder to get men involved – we’re busy, have too many competing commitments, a lot of demands on our time, and if you’re like me you still need to find that time to clock off and do, well, nothing. If you were to invite me to an event, a course or a camp, I would need to know that I’m going to not be wasting my time; i.e. how is this going to improve my current situation?

The ministry to men that I have led for the last 4 years, has focused on ministering to men and raising leaders. Prayer and a plan came first.  Praying that God would bring leaders, men to be trained, followed by our first course which not only dealt with restoring a man’s heart but also provided the opportunity to teach small group facilitation to potential leaders.

The one thing I believe in for ministry leadership is passion – God centered passion for the ministry, a calling. The skills, resources and ability will be gifts for some and learnt or developed for others.

In 2017 you have the opportunity to learn these skills and get equipped. We want to support and train leaders to create and run a ‘ministry to men’ in your church as we start to share our learnings over the last 6 years. We plan to run workshops on Creating and Facilitating Ministry to Men as well as Man Camp Express (TBA May 2017) being a 1 day experience of the highlight talks from the past 3 camps and then on 27-29 Oct there is our official district mens camp: Man Camp

God has called me to raise men up and he’s called you to be a leader, an influencer, a light unto others. Please join us as you see these events advertised and feel free to contact me to discus or assist in your church.

Stephen Ellis
Director – Man Camp

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Walker. 

On the 22nd January Daryl Walker, the pastor of Box Forest Wesleyan Methodist Church, married Karen Banting. It was a very special afternoon for the happy couple- but also an exciting day for the church. After the service, the brand new Mr and Mrs Walker (just left of the cross) captured the moment with some of the church at the front of the church building.
Congratulations Daryl and Karen- we trust that God will make you an even greater blessing to others then when you served Him apart.
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Congratulations Dorothy!

Congratulations to Dorothy Haaksma who was awarded Citizen of the Year for 2017 at the Childers Australia Day Awards.
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Congratulations Robin Gallen

Congratulations to Logan Wesleyan Methodist Church member Robin Gallen who received the Order of Australia Medal in the Australia Day honours list.

Robin Louise Gallen OAM (née Bates/Mitchell). For service to community health.

“Thank you to my family and friends who have already read the paper and posted. Receiving this award is both humbling and gratifying and it does provide me with the opportunity to reflect on the diversity of experiences, in both my professional life and retirement years. I am a proud Australian and the happiest resident of Logan City. I spent my first 50 years in N.S.W before the family decided to move to Queensland in 1988. I am happy to share the values and beliefs that underpin the joy of my everyday life:

I alone can not stop wars and starvation; but
I can live in unity, harmony and peace, within my self and with my neighbours.
I can nurture and nourish my family and friends.
I can live with faith, hope, love and reach out to others to enrich my community.
I can live my life with enthusiasm and purpose.
I can accept the challenges and setbacks in my life with courage and without regret; and accept rewards with gratitude.
I thank my own family, my friends and my Logan Wesleyan Methodist Church family. May God bless us all. ”
Robin L Gallen OAM.


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Townsville Bulletin Article

Church leaders join forces to pray for rain to end drought in Townsville and top up water supply
VICTORIA NUGENT, Townsville Bulletin
February 7, 2017 12:00am
“SEND ‘er down Huey.”
That is the common cry of drought-stricken farmers and this week the city’s churches will come together to send their own message to the man upstairs.
Townsville’s churches have combined to hold a prayer event on Thursday morning at Ross River Dam to pray for rain.
Reverend Stuart Hall said the dam seemed a suitable location to pray, given that recent rainfall had largely missed the catchment area.
“It really stems from the sense that God is the one who will provide rain and sometimes God chooses to withhold it to get our attention,” he said. “I’m not saying that some places that get more (rain) deserve it more but there is a general sense that because it’s God who provides it, we need to talk to him.”
Reverend Hall said he had no doubt that many people would have already sent up individual prayers for rain.
“We wanted to do it in a public way because it’s about not hiding our faith,” he said. “We’ve all individually been praying for rain but this is something we’re coming together to do.”
Prayers will be held by the Combined Christian Churches of Townsville at 6.30am Thursday 9th February 2017 at Townsville’s Ross Dam.









Pastor Leanne Osborn, Reverend Anne Harley, Reverend Stuart Hall and Reverend Bruce Cornish will be part of a group praying for rain at Ross River Dam. Picture: Evan Morgan

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Kids Blessing Kids

The Sunday School children of the Townsville WMC goT busy around home doing chores to raise money to buy materials that would be helpful and fun for the Woorabinda One Mob Fellowship children, as part of their Mission Awareness Project.

Pastor Shea wrote:
Hey Pastor Stuart. Had a great service. 2 recommitted to Jesus. Praise The Lord.
Sunday school kids loved the present. We only had a small number of children tonight. Normally we have about 30.
Thank you very much for the Christmas present for our children.
Please pass on our gratitude to your church and in particular your Sunday school.
Pastor Shea

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Congratulations David and Rebecca!

Each year more of our students celebrate a significant mile-stone in their study as they graduate with an award. Recently David and Rebecca Stockill celebrated together.
David completed his Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology and has commenced his Advanced Diploma. Rebecca graduated with a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology has begun her Diploma. Well done!
Please continue to pray for Kingsley students as they work hard to juggle work, ministry commitments, and study. Pray too that God will call many
more men and women into ministry and study with Kingsley Australia.
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A Christmas Gift – a word from Rev Rex

Some of you may remember playing a game called, “pass the parcel”.  A large gift that was passed around the circle and when the music stoped the person who held it took off one of the layers of wrapping, they had to read the note that was revealed on the wrapping and do what it said, and in most cases, it was a little embarrassing, this proceeded until someone unwrapped the last part that revealed the prize.

Our Christmas celebrations can be a little like that. Many of us have dreams of what Christmas should be like however, is it just the wrappings that we are focusing on.  I wonder if anyone has wrapped a box in the finest wrapping but inside, the box was empty. That might be a joke we played on someone but maybe not a very nice joke if the person was expecting a real gift.  Nevertheless, what would be interesting is if a young man gave a very large gift to his girlfriend that had so much wrapping that when taken off revealed only a small box, and the small box enclosed an engagement ring. That I would like to see.

The beauty of Christmas as attractive as it is, is not in the wrapping. The glory of Christmas is not in the lights as illuminating as they maybe. The heart of Christmas is not in the feast as appealing as it is. Yes, we can enjoy these and many other aspects of Christmas but fail to experience the true depth of Christmas.  Even as Christians we can lose sight of the heart of Christmas because we are just playing around with the wrappings of Christmas.

Christmas is a beautiful gift, not the ones under the tree but the gift that was laid in the manger over two thousand years ago. It is the gift of life, the gift of hope, the gift of joy, the gift of Jesus coming into the world. It is life in its fullness, As Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV

As we consider Christmas this year, this gift of Emmanuel, God with us. It is the gift of life, eternal life, A life that is far beyond the idea of living for ever, for it is a quality of life that is, at its core about a relationship with the one who created us, who knows us better than we know ourselves, “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent,”  * (John 17:3 NIV)

As I think about this, it is not a gift to be kept to ourselves, it is to be shared and lived out.  Jesus has profoundly touched our lives in so many ways, therefore how can we touch the lives of those around us this Christmas?  Maybe it can be in the giving of small gifts, or in spending time with somebody that would be blessed by our presence, or maybe it is the invite to our Christmas table, somebody who would be blessed by joining in with our celebrations. Is there someone who is alone and in need of company.

Maybe we need to take our eyes off the wrappings of Christmas and look around. It is often in the sharing that we gain insights beyond the wrappings of Christmas, to the heart of Christmas.

May this season of celebration be a special time for you as you share Jesus in more than words but in actions of simple acts of love.

Together may we be a blessing this Christmas.

Rev. Rex E Rigby
National Superintendent

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Townsville Wesleyan Beach Church

In September our church enjoyed a picnic at Pallarenda Beach with some games, food and fellowship. Two guys, Dez and Daniel were discussing, “Why don’t we have church down here at the beach some Sunday nights? This was the seed thought prompted two events (Oct and Nov) since then we have called it “Beach Church.”

The goal of Beach Church has been to reach people who are not comfortable with traditional church. These two events have been an opportunity for the local church to get a feel of what it is like and have confidence to invite their unchurched friends.

It has been an opportunity for people to have informal time in a more relaxed environment. We have included activities for the whole family, a BBQ together, a couple of songs and a short drama – everyone loves – which is linked to a brief talk outlining some aspect of introducing people to God.

Still some tweaking. Looking forward to strengthening this “bridge” and using it for taking the gospel in the coming year!

Pastor Stuart Hall
Townsville Wesleyan Methodist Church

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A Season of Tongan Work in Tully, Nth Qld

A seven-month season of ministry has come to its close for now. The fruit has been encouraging. Over a hundred seasonal workers have returned to their Island home of Tonga, encouraged and having received pastoral ministry from Rev Rachael Tonga. She answered the call to move from dry Canberra to balmy Tully in North Queensland. Little did she know what was ahead. There were challenges of accommodation, transport and the wide range of needs of the Tongans living in a culture not their own. In addition, three funerals and two weddings of family members back home stretched Rachael’s resources in every sense.

Pastor Rachael has blessed our NQ District in giving us her final months of ministry and has now stepped into retirement as a full-time grandmother who is about to celebrate her 70th Birthday.

What of the future for these Tully Tongan workers? Perhaps God is speaking to one of you who are reading this. There is great opportunity to pastor and train up these seasonal workers to return as effective witnesses to reach their fellow Tongans for Christ. Is God calling you?

Rev Stuart Hall
District Superintendent NQ

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