Sth Qld Wesleyan Women 

Women Alive Day Brisbane was held at the Logan Wesleyan Methodist Church on Saturday April 21st.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, and a great challenge from our speaker, Jill Weir, to ABIDE in Christ, as well as some awesome testimonies from Karly Missenden and Tabby Ring, of how God was with them through some pretty difficult times.

On the day we raised a total of $335 to go towards ‘Support a sister’ with Project Boomerang!!  These funds will assist our sisters from PNG and Solomon Islands who are planning to attend the National Retreat in August.

We are excited for the next Women Alive day in Maryborough on May 12th!

Ruth Thomas

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Emergency Relief in Tonga and PNG

World Hope International were able to respond to the emergency relief situation in Tonga after it was hit by cyclone Gita in February.  We were happy to partner with the Nazarene Church compassionate ministry NAZCARE who had personnel on the ground.

Then when Papua New Guineawas rocked by a 7.5magnitute earthquake in the early hours of February 26 and two other earthquakes in the following weeks as well as over 150 aftershocks.  All of these quakes happened in a region not far from where the Wesleyan Church in PNG was first established in the early 1960’s. Although there are no reports of Wesleyan’s loosing their lives, over 100 people did die as a result of these earthquakes.

Thanks to our Wesleyan Churches in Australia, World Hope International was able to respond to this earthquake emergency by sending volunteers and funds to assist in many different ways – here are some of the ways:

  • Joint food relief provided along with other ngo’s, water tanks, sanitation training and provision of soap, tarpaulins for shelter and information on how best to erect temporary shelters and toilets to prevent spread of disease.
  • Medical equipment delivered to volunteer Health Workers placed in earthquake affected villages. Medicines delivered. Medical evacuations and care of rescued persons.
  • Counselling carried out on an individual basis to people affected by earthquake, including information on earthquakes, group counselling on dealing with fear and helping children to cope.
  • Worked with communities to get teachers back in the schools, health clinics for children and activities to help children cope – balls etc for games.
  • Booklet printed on earthquakes, search and rescue, radio messaging. Connecting families separated by the disaster.

This was all done because our Australian Wesleyan Methodist Church saw the need and gave. All up we raised just over $10,000 – THANK YOU!

Ruth Thomas
World Hope International
CEO Australia

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National Wesleyan Women Retreat

Rise Up – National Wesleyan Women Retreat – Don’t miss this!

We are anticipating an amazing weekend in August at our National Wesleyan Womens Retreat. Already we are seeing God’s almighty influence at work as we see speakers fall into place, an energetic organising committee come together and an enthusiastic response from women locally and overseas.

When the National Wesleyan Women’s executive began brainstorming for this event we wondered aloud if we could have a keynote speaker such as Rev Dr Jo Anne Lyon come from the US to bring our messages. Ruth Thomas, having a connection already with Dr Lyon, volunteered to email her and in less than 24 hours we had her positive response. God is good!

When we approached the South Queensland WW committee to broaden their regular district retreat to enable a national event to occur, the suggestion was met with open arms and open hearts despite the extra workload it would bring. God is good!

When we started approaching women with particular interests and passions to bring their expertise to the weekend in the form of facilitating discussions or leading workshops we were met with willing hearts. God is good!

When we mentioned this event to our overseas sisters we have had an overwhelming response. Women from PNG immediately started fundraising to enable them to come. Women from Solomon Islands are determined to raise the funds for their representatives to be with us. They plan to extend their stay to minister amongst our churches as they desire to give back to the Australian church as we have been able to contribute in the Solomon’s in previous years. God is good!

God is good! I am confident that God means for us to gather together in August for a powerful message from all speakers to encourage us and challenge us to Rise Up. To Rise Up to be the women God would have us be in the world we live in.

God has this time in His hand so what can we do? Please pray that the outcome of this Retreat will be God’s outcome. Pray for the speakers and for the listeners. Pray for God’s Spirit to be over every detail. Pray that the financial support will come for all that are meant to attend (Project Boomerang and Support-a-Sister are practical ways you can help – email ardobson72@gmail.comfor more information). Encourage women to attend (16 years and older). God is good!

Rise Up
24-26 August 2018

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Kingsley Update

Kingsley College- Ministry Training in the Wesleyan Tradition

Semester one, 2018 has begun well with students gathering for study in Kingsley Community training centres, via web conference, and by distance. This semester Christian ministry and theology classes have begun at South Brisbane, Moreton/ Axis, Broadmeadows/ Dandenong, and Perth. We are also excited by the (re) commencement of Kingsley training in Sydney, Brisbane Polynesian Centre, and Canberra. Still to come later in the year are classes available (again) in Townsville. We have a faithful team of Kingsley Community trainers who are investing into men and women and equipping them for ministry. Please continue to pray for Kingsley trainers and Kingsley students.

Christian Ministry- Wesleyan Style

John Wesley was challenged regarding the reactions people had under Methodist ministry- reactions that were seen as too emotional and inappropriate. (Sunday 20thApril 1739 – almost one year after Wesley’s “heart-warming” experience). Wesley’s reply was,

“The question between us turns chiefly, if not wholly, on matter of fact. You deny that God does now work these effects; at least, that He works them in this manner. I affirm both, because I have heard these things with my own ears and have seen with my eyes. I have seen… very many persons changed in a moment from the spirit of fear, horror, despair, to the spirit of love, joy, and peace; and from sinful desire, till then reigning over them, to a pure desire of doing the will of God. These are matters of fact whereof I have been, and almost daily am, an eye- or ear-witness.”

-Our prayer and desire as a college is to equip men and women for a ministry that is used by God to bring similar change in the lives of others. We long to see many more people changed by God from a life of fear, horror and despair to salvation, joy and peace. We value our Wesleyan heritage and theology and believe that the God who used the Wesleys and the first Methodists can still use Methodist lay people and ministers today.

Please continue to pray that God would call many more men and women into ministry- and that He would trust Kingsley College with the task of equipping them for an effective ministry.

Kevin Brown

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Celebrating Christmas in a Secular Society

Many of us find ourselves with a sense of loss this Christmas, trying to cope with the downward spiral of a secular society.  We ask ourselves, “how do we live for Jesus in such a way that celebrates the heart of Christmas?”

Across the country, The Wesley Methodist Church is sharing our Vision Statement –  “We celebrate every time a disciple makes a disciple, and a church multiplies itself, until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community throughout Australia.”

What does “until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community throughout Australia” mean?
I want to continue to explore this in the months ahead, for it ought to be the natural by-product of spreading scripture Holiness. 

In our desire to see the transforming presence of Christ in our own lives and in our communities, we will find ourselves confronted by a resistance to spiritual truth.  Sometimes that resistance is not the reaction to the spiritual truth, per say, but a reaction to the way we share that spiritual truth.

However we need to understand 1 Cor 2:12-16  NIV
This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words. The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments, for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

Clearly there is no place for arrogance within the life of a Christian, for this wisdom is God given. I would ask that each of us have a close look at how we are responding to the world in which we live.

 Dear God, open our eyes to any hint of arrogance within us that tarnishes our attitudes and actions towards a world that does not know Jesus.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. * (John 3:17 NIV).

 Our message is Jesus.  Initially someone might think this is a simple statement and in some ways it would be.  But it involves a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus, to know Jesus, to discover Jesus throughout the pages of the gospels and throughout the whole Bible.

If we are earnest in our pursuit of holiness then the life and teachings of Jesus will confront every part of us.  We Christians have a tendency, or should I say a history, of diluting the message of Jesus, within our culture, our personality, our society, our desires, and our biases.  We can see this with some that are accepting the homosexual act as acceptable to God.

However, before we jump on this issue let us consider also with the same conviction our own acceptance of behaviours that are not pleasing to God. Where is the fruit of our justice, mercy and faithfulness?  If we wonder why the world has not taken us seriously?  At times it may come down to hypocrisy.  Therefore, how is the life and teaching of Jesus confronting us?

 If we are not being confronted by Jesus’ life and teachings then I wonder if we are just playing around in the shallows of His truth.

My personal prayer for this coming year is for each of us to take a fresh and closer look at the life and teachings of Jesus. The first place that I want to see the transforming presence of Jesus Christ is in my own life.

 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. * (Eph 1:17 NIV)

Would you join me in this prayer for Christmas and for the coming year?
 Heavenly Father open my eyes to see Jesus more clearly in ways that enable me to experience the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in my life. 

Rev. Rex E Rigby
National Superintendent

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World Hope Christmas Day Offering

These past few months we have been promoting the importance of clean fresh water and sanitation for communities where World Hope Int works.

  • Improper school sanitation facilities causes many health issues and is a reason for teenage girls to drop out of school. A gift of $1500 will cover the cost to build a sanitation facility and clean water in a rural school.
  • Many children spend 6-8 hours a day fetching water – hours that could be spent in school if there was a clean water supply near their community.
  • Long trips to water leaves girls vulnerable to abuse.

Clean water not only assists with health and wellness but with Education, Economic Empowerment and Safety from violence.  Click here for a brochure which you can share with your congregation this weekend to let them know the difference their Christmas Day Offering will make through World Hope Int.   You can find a video via this link to show as well

If you would like to donate our bank account details are:
World Hope International Ltd
Westpac Bank
BSB: 034 072
Acc#: 285805

Thank you for your support of World Hope International.

Ruth Thomas
CEO (Australia)

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Alpha at Hills Church

Every Sunday night for eight weeks, laughter and conversation spilled out of the auditorium freely, as new friendships grew and God-based discussions happened naturally. A wide range of people gathered around the seven tables, from school-leavers to the retired; the sceptical to the bold, all coming together for our first term of Alpha. Followed by dinner, each group watched the weekly video about various topics such as prayer, faith, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. A total of eight topics in eight weeks.

This then lead into discussion times, where anything and everything goes. Each person has the chance to say what they really think. “Is God real? Is this even possible? Why would God forgive me?” The more honest the conversation, the deeper the trust between each individual.

I recall each team leader wondering how these people would connect and open up to one another. Yet here we are at the end, with solid evidence of both the internal changes, and the external relationships created. Most people became comfortable with one another during the Alpha weekend. Friday night, we all gathered for desert and trivia, followed by a simple introduction video to the Holy Spirit. As Saturday began, the leaders gathered and interceded for those to arrive, that they would not only learn about the Holy Spirit, but encounter him fully. That was our greatest hope, that these seekers would personally know the living God.

Following two video sessions and a discussion, we returned after lunch to the auditorium for worship and prayer ministry. This was when the leaders had permission to pray for each individual. Up until this week, prayer had been something slowly introduced, but now we did not want to hesitate to follow where the Holy Spirit lead. If he guided us to pray for them, we would. The encompassing idea was to pray the oldest, yet simplest prayer, in the Church: “Holy Spirit come.” And we would wait. Some felt his peace, others felt their burdens lifted. Some cried, yet all left with a smile on their face. We had the privilege to pray for whatever they asked for. While I cannot speak on behalf of other’s encounters, I can say with pride that my group of young adults all asked for more of Him. Even those who do not know him, nor even believe, were open to the Holy Spirit.

Two more weeks of Alpha after the weekend, and we have come to the conclusion. I see connections in all the groups created and strengthened. We have had several people accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Many seekers want more, and although undecided, have eagerly agreed to come back in the following months for a follow up course. Even the many people who were already Christians before coming said they learnt new things, made friends, and had their faith strengthened.

Our prayers for Alpha were answered. The Lord blessed it, revealing himself to those who came. He guided us, strengthened us, and filled us weekly. Connections were made. Most of all, our prayer was that many would accept his offer to come to him, as they experienced and believed in the love of Christ Jesus.

Rachael Bell
Hills Church

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Kingsley Update

Study Opportunities in 2018

Once again, Kingsley College will have on offer many excellent opportunities for study in 2018. We are here to serve the church- to equip lay people and train ministerial candidates. Contact the college office on (03) 9357 3699 or 0423 127 199 for more information on study for credit in Christian Ministry and Theology*.

Professional Development opportunities are available once more. Some of the excellent PD offered in semester one, 2018 include:
Cultural Anthropology– offered over four Saturdays from the 3rd February 2018. Kay Fulcher will do an excellent job of coordinating this training. Available in class in Brisbane or Melbourne and via web conference.
Christian Ethics– offered over five Monday seminars from the 12th February 2018. Kevin Brown will coordinate with other contributors to lead a challenging discussion on the development and application of Christian ethics. If ever there was a time in Australian history when Christians needed to know how to discern God’s best in ethical decisions- it is now.
Inductive Bible Study– available on fortnightly Saturday mornings, Gordon Kuss will coach you through development of skill in inductive study of the Bible- an essential skill for every Christian leader. Commencing 10th February 2018.

(*Kingsley College delivers training under the auspices of Unity College Australia RTO 6330)

Kevin Brown

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A Tribute to Pastor Scott Lucas

After nine years of faithful service as a team leader and four years as camp director, 2017 marked Pastor Scott Lucas’ last South Queensland District High School Camp.

Over the last nine years Pastor Scott and his wife Donna have given huge amounts of time and energy to make camp the success it has been. Through this time hundreds of campers have been influenced by Pastor Scott’s love for God and his passion to see young people have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

During Pastor Scott’s time as camp director, the number of youth attending camp has increased significantly and he has helped build a solid team of leaders who will continue to lead camp in the future.

Campers and leaders alike will miss Pastor Scott as the loudest Blues supporter at camp and for the many tears he shed as he watched God move through the ministry.

For all your hard work Pastor Scott and Donna, and for your support Alex, Caleb and the Cooloola WMC, we thank you!

Rachel Mayer
South Qld District Youth Director

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South Qld District Conference

The 35th Annual South QLD District conference began with enthusiasm under the clear blue skies of a beautiful Brissy spring day (…or is it summer already?!?). Rev. Rex Rigby was his usual jovial self, and shared passionately in his morning devotion “Christ in me, and I in Christ.”

Jeff Adams was all techied up with dual monitors to keep us on track during the business sessions. Rev. Dr Lex Akers enjoyed the opportunity to be back amongst us as he chaired the business sessions. According to Lex’s slip of the tongue, we need to raise “funny money” for our newly named ‘Multiplying Churches fund’ (formerly Co-Labourers).

Our moreish meals and delectable desserts were interspersed with dynamic electives. The exciting new vision of “National Impulse” was shared by the very passionate Rev. Troy Beer. Not church growth – church multiplication!

Our exciting evening services were beautifully led by an inspiring worship team. On Thursday night our “Down Under” American brother Rev. Joel Heron shared from 2 Kings 6:24 – 7:17. ‘How do we respond when under siege in our life or leadership’?

Day 2 was another beautiful day. Rev. Rob Simpson asked what we’re paying attention to, in his morning devotional. Moving on to the business session, there was a sweet spirit during the elections and we moved smoothly through the morning.

After an informative report from Lex re: the NSW district, Rex encouraged us to prayerfully consider moving to NSW to support the work there. Brendan Edwards asked Rex if he had a list of those he wanted to go!!!

We were so efficient the business was completed early and we had a bit of extra free time to catch-up with old friends. (Networking…that’s what they call it now)! The afternoon electives were again well attended and informative. The only complaint was having to pick only 2 of the 5 great options.

Friday night the worship again drew us into the presence of God. Joel shared from Joshua 1:2-9; 6:17-19 “Growing into your Next and New!” Challenging us to step out in faith where God leads. God added His own emphasis to a number of Joel’s points with some raucous thunder claps during the message.

Saturday morning was a leisurely late start due to the efficiency of the delegates in completing all the business the day prior. We were blessed to be ministered to in song by the Tongan Choir, and also by the Chinese Choir. It is such a blessing to be a part of a truly multicultural church.

Dr. Sifa Lokotui shared in the morning service from 1 Timothy 6:1-16 “The Pastor and the Personal Life of Holiness”. He teased that Rex had set him a difficult challenge by asking him to preach in front of so many other pastors, when English is his 2nd language. However, his challenge to us was very clear and poignant. The secret to our ministry and solution to our mistakes is to surrender ourselves to Christ. Have Thine own way Lord….

The highlight of the conference was the opportunity to celebrate the ordination of Siosifa Kaliopasi, Brendan Edwards and Pam Reid. It is wonderful to acknowledge the sacrifice, call and commitment as new pastors rise up to lead our denomination. We were then able to share in a time of communion together, led by Rev Kay Fulcher, where the new ordinands and their spouses served us the elements.

God met with us over the 2½ days, and so emulating the chairman of the Olympic committee I would like to declare this conference “The best conference ever”!

Merryl Farmer

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