South Qld District Conference

The 35th Annual South QLD District conference began with enthusiasm under the clear blue skies of a beautiful Brissy spring day (…or is it summer already?!?). Rev. Rex Rigby was his usual jovial self, and shared passionately in his morning devotion “Christ in me, and I in Christ.”

Jeff Adams was all techied up with dual monitors to keep us on track during the business sessions. Rev. Dr Lex Akers enjoyed the opportunity to be back amongst us as he chaired the business sessions. According to Lex’s slip of the tongue, we need to raise “funny money” for our newly named ‘Multiplying Churches fund’ (formerly Co-Labourers).

Our moreish meals and delectable desserts were interspersed with dynamic electives. The exciting new vision of “National Impulse” was shared by the very passionate Rev. Troy Beer. Not church growth – church multiplication!

Our exciting evening services were beautifully led by an inspiring worship team. On Thursday night our “Down Under” American brother Rev. Joel Heron shared from 2 Kings 6:24 – 7:17. ‘How do we respond when under siege in our life or leadership’?

Day 2 was another beautiful day. Rev. Rob Simpson asked what we’re paying attention to, in his morning devotional. Moving on to the business session, there was a sweet spirit during the elections and we moved smoothly through the morning.

After an informative report from Lex re: the NSW district, Rex encouraged us to prayerfully consider moving to NSW to support the work there. Brendan Edwards asked Rex if he had a list of those he wanted to go!!!

We were so efficient the business was completed early and we had a bit of extra free time to catch-up with old friends. (Networking…that’s what they call it now)! The afternoon electives were again well attended and informative. The only complaint was having to pick only 2 of the 5 great options.

Friday night the worship again drew us into the presence of God. Joel shared from Joshua 1:2-9; 6:17-19 “Growing into your Next and New!” Challenging us to step out in faith where God leads. God added His own emphasis to a number of Joel’s points with some raucous thunder claps during the message.

Saturday morning was a leisurely late start due to the efficiency of the delegates in completing all the business the day prior. We were blessed to be ministered to in song by the Tongan Choir, and also by the Chinese Choir. It is such a blessing to be a part of a truly multicultural church.

Dr. Sifa Lokotui shared in the morning service from 1 Timothy 6:1-16 “The Pastor and the Personal Life of Holiness”. He teased that Rex had set him a difficult challenge by asking him to preach in front of so many other pastors, when English is his 2nd language. However, his challenge to us was very clear and poignant. The secret to our ministry and solution to our mistakes is to surrender ourselves to Christ. Have Thine own way Lord….

The highlight of the conference was the opportunity to celebrate the ordination of Siosifa Kaliopasi, Brendan Edwards and Pam Reid. It is wonderful to acknowledge the sacrifice, call and commitment as new pastors rise up to lead our denomination. We were then able to share in a time of communion together, led by Rev Kay Fulcher, where the new ordinands and their spouses served us the elements.

God met with us over the 2½ days, and so emulating the chairman of the Olympic committee I would like to declare this conference “The best conference ever”!

Merryl Farmer

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These Sunday School teachers & students (some missing from photo) had a great idea to raise money for the Bible Society.
A Father’s Day BBQ and dessert was held after church, the children helped and made bookmarks and biscuits for sale. Also for sale were jams & relish.
Other activities included “Guess the Jelly Beans in the bottle” and “Knockems”.  A total of $855.65 was raised and forwarded to the Bible Society.
We praise God for these precious children and thank our church folk for the wonderful support for their efforts.

Dorothy Haaksma

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Kingsley Update

Some great Kingsley subjects have been offered in this past semester, among them has been Mentoring Leaders (Major). Simon Damen (Salvation Army) joined the class as a guest lecturer, experienced mentor and all-round great guy. Simon was able to coach us on the skills and spirit needed of a great mentor. Students from across the country connected via web conference and now have the task of putting their knowledge and skills into practice by mentoring others- now (for assessment), and for the years to come (because they are passionate about mentoring).






District conferences this year saw the ordination of Daryl Walker, David Eco and Jonathan Cole. It is exciting to see how the college had a small part to play in equipping these ordinands to follow their calling.

As a college, we are as passionate about equipping lay men and women for their ministry as we are about providing training to ordination. As God calls men and women into leadership in His church it is exciting to celebrate and pray for God’s blessing on the ministry of those ordained into His service.






I, as principal of the college, have had a busy few weeks travelling to all four conferences. But the time spent with Kingsley trainers, Kingsley students, pastors and potential students has been valuable. The college works well because of the great team of trainers who invest their lives into others. In the next few weeks we will welcome even more trainers into that team- that means more men and women will be equipped and gain the skills they need to better serve their Lord. That’s good news in anyone’s language!









Kevin Brown

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Commitment. What a subject to write about. I am forever conscious of those around me that shine as a result of their commitment to serve God.

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:
He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun. Ps. 37:5-6 NIV

I think of the many people that work in the background with very little acknowledgement. As someone who is in front where everyone one can see, I am often acknowledged. However, most of my efforts come from God’s enabling and also because of the highly committed people that He has placed around me.

There is a phrase that is often in my reports, “Together we can make a difference”. This is becoming more and more of a reality. God is drawing us closer together and empowering us to make a difference. I believe that we are in a good place as a denomination. We are on a precipice looking out at the beginning of a new day of opportunities, that God has given us.

I see this in the unity that we are experiencing across the districts. I see it in the leaders that are taking up the National Impulse that is led by Troy and Steph.

I see it in the vision statement –

“We are celebrating every time a disciple makes a disciple,
and a church multiplies itself, until there is the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in every community throughout Australia.”

In the midst of writing this, I attended the memorial service of Gordon’s mother, Valerie Kuss. The stories of her life were a beautiful tribute to one who lived with a deep commitment to love God, her family and those who crossed her path. As I sat listening, one question came to mind. What would be said at the end of my life? This is a question that we all need to ask. Are the commitments that we are making touching those around us for the glory of God? Are we leaving a legacy of love in the hearts of those who cross our path? If not then maybe we should have a good look at the core of our commitments. Everyone is committed, but to what is the question.

Another significant part of this day for me is Lien and my 32nd Wedding Anniversary. Many of us know that to keep a healthy marriage, requires the commitment of two. I might be able to share something of that commitment, however, I also acknowledge the quality of my wife’s commitment for she is the one in the background that often goes unnoticed. Yet she empowers our marriage in so many ways. So much of what I do, is a testimony to the commitment of her love.

Therefore, as I reflect on this word commitment, I am empowered by the commitment of the many around me and especially those that often go unnoticed.

Father, thank you for those around me who inspire me to commit my way to You. Help me in all my commitments, to reflect the depth and the beauty of your sacrificial love.

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Sth Qld District HSC

For six wonderful days in July, 124 youth and 27 leaders from South Queensland District gathered on the Sunshine Coast for an amazing week of fellowship at High School Camp!  Our camp theme was SOAR, and we spent the week digging into Isaiah 40:31, “those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

During the week, Pastor Atu Lagi (NZ National Youth Director) shared from his personal experience how God can use our stories for His glory, and how we need to forgive others, as God has forgiven us. Through the course of the camp we saw 7 youth make first time faith commitments, 20 make a recommitment having turned away from God completely and 79 express a desire to go deeper in their faith – Praise God!

We also got to enjoy an awesome day at the beach, a bonfire, the “Amazing Race” and our annual celebration of our graduating Grade 12s on our formal night.  The best part, according to most of the campers, was catching up with old friends and making new ones and we look forward to next year when we can share together again!

Rachel Mayer – South Queensland District Youth Director

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Engaged Men

As go the men, so goes the Church.

I recently shared some insight at the last pastor and leaders retreat, about the correlation between healthy men and healthy churches. If you have the time there are numerous books and statistics that can help you see this correlation and maybe even see how this affects your church. When a man comes to Christ it is more likely that his family will as well. In my own journey, my move closer to God and taking my faith seriously has impacted my whole family. My kids see and hear my response to Jesus and that will have more impact that any youth program ever will. See if it’s good enough for Dad than there must be value there. If Dad isn’t taking it seriously then… why should the kids? It’s very similar to a church, when the Pastor recommends something people take it seriously, when it’s just one of the announcements then it’s hit and miss.

I’m trying to make 2 points here: One, we need engaged men, this will produce a healthy church. Two, we need Pastors to engage with ministry to men beyond including a note in announcements.

This years Man Camp is approaching fast. The last weekend in October (27th-29th) sees our 4th Man Camp taking place at QCCC in Mapleton. The ongoing impact this camp is having is incredible and hard to imagine without having attended. Each year we have seen men finding freedom and strength in Christ. Forgiveness found and given, sins overcome, addictions broken, faith found, deeper faith realized, connections made and all through a powerful move of the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend.

If you haven’t booked yet, or even considered attending then now is the time to change that and seek engagement, both for yourself and the other men of your church.

Stephen Ellis

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Jar of Hope

“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.” Marion Wright Edelman

Sometimes we are overcome with all the needs that confront us through the media or in our daily life and we wonder how we can help.

One way that you can make a difference is by collecting your coins into Jars of Hope. Each week simply empty the coins from your purse or pocket or dressing table and drop them into a Jar of Hope. Over time the jar will fill up. Adding your jar to many other’s jars will add up and allow World Hope International to reach those in need through our ministries in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Maybe you could get your local church or community group involved.

All you need do is;

1/ Find an empty jar. Wash it out and soak off the lable.

2/ Download and print a sticker to paste onto the front of your jar.

3/ Place your jar in a spot where you will see it and be reminded to empty your coins regularly. A good spot is on the kitchen bench, that way your friends and family who come will also drop their coins in.

4/ Once your jar is filled, direct deposit to our bank account and email us to let us know you have donated.

(World Hope Int Westpac Bank BSB: 034072 Acc#: 285805)

Check out our website for more information about our projects.

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Kingsley Update

The task of equipping the saints for ministry is our reason for existence, and one we share with the whole church. In semester two, 2017 Kingsley Community classes are drawing together lay people and ministerial candidates for study. We do that through locating classes around the country, and by connecting students via web conference. Below are just a few of the stories and photos that give an insight into Kingsley training this semester. Please continue to pray for Kingsley students, and encourage others to study who would benefit from further training.

Kay Fulcher- And the New Testament Class

Kay, and a group of students in the Mary Valley, connect with other students via web conference and another group of students in South Brisbane for the Introduction to the New Testament class. Kay is making these face-to-face and digital connections work to encourage a love for the New Testament in those who meet for class.








Communicating Your Faith- with Gordon Kuss

The class that meets at Hills (Everton Hills) also connects in students via web conference for study this semester on evangelism. Gordon has continued to invest his time and energy into Kingsley students who will grow in knowledge, skill and spiritual passion.








Church Planting and Development

The first week in August saw Phil Hotchkin, and other experienced church planters, share instruction and practical experience with a class keen to learn how they can be part of planting and growing healthy churches.

On one afternoon, Lindsay Cameron joined the class to share insights from his new book that mentions past lessons learned regarding church planting.





Professional Development- Mentoring Leaders and Christian Apologetics

Among several opportunities for professional development, let me mention two. Mentoring Leaders will be held over the next 6 Tuesday mornings. This is excellent focussed study on developing the skills of a great mentor. Why not plan now to join several classes and hone your mentoring knowledge and skill?

Christian Apologetics is offered as a Graduate Certificate unit with challenging demands on students. But this also makes it excellent PD for our current church leaders. Plan ahead now and join one of the Monday classes across the semester. Contact the College office for more details (03) 9357 3699.

Kevin Brown (Principal), on behalf of the Kingsley Community team.

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Going on a Mission Trip

Having been born and raised in Papua New Guinea (PNG), speaking the trade language of Tok Pisin comes naturally. Often when in the company of other expatriates who served in PNG we will converse in a mix of English and Pisin. Solomon Islands (SI) Pisin is similar to that of PNG, so when I was on a recent Mission Trip to SI assisting in an English Language Course, the rule was established that there was to be no Tok Pisin speaking allowed during class time 8am to 1pm every week day. The biggest offenders of this rule by far were David, Lee and myself – the expatriates! To throw in a Pisin word in the middle of a sentence was so natural to each of us, we did it unconsciously. When it happened the offender received a mark against their name and when there were three marks, they had to do something for the teacher such as bring her a flower or a fruit.

We laughed and learned with the students as Lee GrothOlson from USA, went through basic foundations such as nouns, verbs and adjectives in the first week. Learning how to introduce ourselves to others and look them in the eye was a cultural experience for the students. Lollies were a great reward and some tried to bribe for more lollies.

The Noro Training Centre in SI began it’s first full Semester programme in July with a Preaching course led by Rev Vivienne Manderson, our 2 week intensive English Language Course taught by Lee GrothOlson, former missionary to PNG, followed by a Building Course led by Rev Hall Malasa and a Semester of studies for those completing courses for ordination at the National Conference in January. A Computer Course will also be available in the next month or so. A wide variety of courses for Biblical Study Students as well as Community Courses.

What an experience, living on site for two weeks. Constant rain, limited solar power, rats, snakes, cane toads, swimming, eating sweet pawpaw from the multiple trees in the yard, learning how to make a fan and hats from palm fronds, riding in the back of the truck to go to market, amazing sunsets and so much more! The best part was building relationships with the leaders and future leaders of the Wesleyan Church of Solomon Islands.

– Ruth Thomas



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Looking Carefully

Do we take our communities for granted? What I mean is, do we truly know our communities or are we just guessing what they think, feel and need?

We live in very different and diverse communities. Touching our communities in one city, town or suburb may look completely different in another. However, it would be sad if we did not have a good look at the community, in which we live, work and play. Outreach is enhanced by our understanding of the people we are wanting to reach. Yes, we may know so very little, but I think of Acts 17:22-23. Then Paul stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious. For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. (NIV)

Note that he walked around and looked carefully. What he learnt of the community, gave him a stepping-stone to talk to the people. Have we taken the time to consider and understand our communities, their passions, their need, their fears and their concerns? God is wanting us to connect with our communities! But how can that happen if we have never taken the time to do so? How can we see the needs if we are not looking? All of us can fall into the trap of saying I am too busy to get involved, but that does not sound like the response that Jesus would want us to have. Matt 9:36-38 NIV When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”.

 Help us to look Lord
for we know that the compassion and the actions will follow,
when we truly see.


Rev. Rex Rigby

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