10 Reasons to grow with Wesleyan Investment Foundation (WIF)

1. We are your partners in ministry.

The primary purpose of WIF is to serve churches at all levels with funding and financing of ministry. To WIF, your loan means eternal life for those who are lost in sin, and your invested dollars mean we can help another church reach more people for Christ.

2. We want your church to grow, not our balance sheet.

We know that buildings are only a tool in reaching the lost for Christ, and we are not interested in the sale of your property. We want you to be successful in ministry. WIF can save you money by not requiring an appraisal in most cases.

3. We are committed to your church in good times and bad.

Has your church experienced a temporary dip in attendance? Are there other circumstances that your church has faced that led to temporary financial diffculty? We celebrate with you in good times and cooperate with the church and church leaders to get you through the bad times.

4. We use our heads and hearts in making loan decisions.

We understand the nature of faith and looking forward to the future with hope in Christ. We not only understand this, we live it out in the way we conduct the business of WIF. We have a 35+ year history of helping churches balance faith with reality in their building projects.

5. We answer to God, not shareholders.

We are not under the pressure of making profits for shareholders. We do have a stewardship responsibility to take care of the funds entrusted to us, but we answer to a much higher authority than shareholders. We take both our stewardship and Kingdom responsibilities very seriously.

6. We are family.

WIF was founded in 1979 by Wesleyans who saw a need to finance church building projects. WIF is a non-profit entity, chartered to make loans to churches and their affiliated entities. We are part of God’s family, unashamedly Christian, and proud to be part of the church.

7. We are committed to matching the bank.

Most church loans don’t qualify for those low personal residential rates that we see advertised. Do your research, then give WIF a call. In a fair comparison, we can save churches thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. Let us show you how.

8. We give you and your church a sound place to invest.

We will all give account one day for how we use the funds God has entrusted to us. WIF offers a sound place to invest personal savings and church funds, provides an excellent return on investments, and gives you the satisfaction of helping build God’s Kingdom through other churches at the same time.

9. WIF is able to sponsor programs and church development.

Interest on loans received by WIF is used mainly for three purposes: (1) paying interest to depositors; (2) funding office operations; (3) sponsorship of programs and church development. As WIF succeeds, we share the blessing with those who make us successful.

10. You need WIF and WIF needs you.

A positive, long-term relationship with a financial institution is valuable, but finding a bank that wants to work with you, truly understands your church and has the same mission (the lost won for Jesus Christ) is impossible – until you find Wesleyan Investment Foundation.

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