Kingsley Update

The task of equipping the saints for ministry is our reason for existence, and one we share with the whole church. In semester two, 2017 Kingsley Community classes are drawing together lay people and ministerial candidates for study. We do that through locating classes around the country, and by connecting students via web conference. Below are just a few of the stories and photos that give an insight into Kingsley training this semester. Please continue to pray for Kingsley students, and encourage others to study who would benefit from further training.

Kay Fulcher- And the New Testament Class

Kay, and a group of students in the Mary Valley, connect with other students via web conference and another group of students in South Brisbane for the Introduction to the New Testament class. Kay is making these face-to-face and digital connections work to encourage a love for the New Testament in those who meet for class.








Communicating Your Faith- with Gordon Kuss

The class that meets at Hills (Everton Hills) also connects in students via web conference for study this semester on evangelism. Gordon has continued to invest his time and energy into Kingsley students who will grow in knowledge, skill and spiritual passion.








Church Planting and Development

The first week in August saw Phil Hotchkin, and other experienced church planters, share instruction and practical experience with a class keen to learn how they can be part of planting and growing healthy churches.

On one afternoon, Lindsay Cameron joined the class to share insights from his new book that mentions past lessons learned regarding church planting.





Professional Development- Mentoring Leaders and Christian Apologetics

Among several opportunities for professional development, let me mention two. Mentoring Leaders will be held over the next 6 Tuesday mornings. This is excellent focussed study on developing the skills of a great mentor. Why not plan now to join several classes and hone your mentoring knowledge and skill?

Christian Apologetics is offered as a Graduate Certificate unit with challenging demands on students. But this also makes it excellent PD for our current church leaders. Plan ahead now and join one of the Monday classes across the semester. Contact the College office for more details (03) 9357 3699.

Kevin Brown (Principal), on behalf of the Kingsley Community team.