A Tribute to Pastor Scott Lucas

After nine years of faithful service as a team leader and four years as camp director, 2017 marked Pastor Scott Lucas’ last South Queensland District High School Camp.

Over the last nine years Pastor Scott and his wife Donna have given huge amounts of time and energy to make camp the success it has been. Through this time hundreds of campers have been influenced by Pastor Scott’s love for God and his passion to see young people have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

During Pastor Scott’s time as camp director, the number of youth attending camp has increased significantly and he has helped build a solid team of leaders who will continue to lead camp in the future.

Campers and leaders alike will miss Pastor Scott as the loudest Blues supporter at camp and for the many tears he shed as he watched God move through the ministry.

For all your hard work Pastor Scott and Donna, and for your support Alex, Caleb and the Cooloola WMC, we thank you!

Rachel Mayer
South Qld District Youth Director