Auckland Sports Blitz

From 30 July to 6 August Auckland was blitzed by nearly 200 sports people and staff from Indiana Wesleyan University who spread the Gospel through Sports Ministry. They interacted with all ages sharing their love of sport and their love of Jesus Christ with all. Activities included teaching sports in schools, playing local teams, participating in coaching clinics, leading local church youth groups as well as service projects such as painting a local church and undertaking a community needs survey for another. On Sunday 4 August the team and local members joined for a celebration rally at which many new people came to faith in Christ. On the morning they left 8 of the team were baptised in the waters of Eastern Beach across the road from the camp where they were staying. The New Zealand church is grateful for the work and ministry of the team and knows that the fruits of their ministry will be felt and seen for many years to come.

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