Building for the Future

Over the past 4 years, we at the Gympie Wesleyan Methodist Church have been working towards a future building program that will assist in fulfilling a vision that was laid before the congregation in 2002. This has not been an easy task and it certainly has not been one that has been taken lightly by the congregation and members.

In 2015 we engaged 2 different Building Designers who presented a variety of concept drawings and in 2016 we settled on what we believed would be the kind of building that would meet the vision of connecting with our local community.

Many congregations look to build when their Sunday morning attendance outgrows their current facilities. Not so with Gympie. There is still room for expansion on a Sunday morning, but what has driven us to go down this track is the fact that our facilities do not lend themselves to connecting with families the way that we need to.

Therefore, with a vision of being a centre for the local community we have just this last week voted as a congregation to proceed with building the next stage of our facilities here in Gympie.

This is a huge undertaking and one that we have prayed long and hard about and as a church began to get very excited about. With a 90% vote to proceed from our Members, it is clear that there is a strong mandate given to pursue the vision with a passion.

What will this cost? Everything we have! But isn’t that what following Jesus is about? You cannot go half-hearted in following Jesus, so with enthusiasm and trepidation we are advancing towards a $2-2.5million project that will change the face of Gympie and beyond.

Will you pray with us as we look to see how we can see this vision become a reality? It doesn’t really matter what numbers we put behind the $ sign, what matters is are we hearing from the Lord?

I would invite you any Sunday to come and see what is happening at Gympie. It truly is a place where lives are changed!




Gary McClintock