CHALLENGE: 5+5+5+5

Pastor Rob Simpson was looking for a practical application to end his sermon series on Prayer. So he challenged his congregation to pray for 5 people for 5 seconds each for 5 days of the week for 5 weeks (5 + 5 + 5 + 5)

They began by printing business card size cards with the names of 5 people in the congregation (everyone was included). Each card was printed 4 times so that 4 people were praying for the same 5 people.

After the final message on Prayer the cards were handed out. Some took two cards on the day and others picked up a second card the following week so they image-09-06-15-02-54could pray for more or different people.

A couple of unexpected things occurred out of this;

People began to ask, “Who is this that I am praying for?” and seek them out to introduce themselves. Some had been sitting across the aisle in church and had never met. This unexpected outcome brought a feeling of belonging and community.

The second thing that occurred, in Pastor Rob’s words, was “there was an absolute tangible presence of God in the church. If you have a couple of hundred people praying for others in the congregation during the week, the tangible outcome is evident.”

This Challenge was for a time, 5 weeks; and it was geared for entry-level prayers but for people who prayed longer they could do that too. The on going relationships and heart connections continue to grow.

“Any Church large or small can do this” says Pastor Rob, Lead Pastor of Life Church in Maryborough Qld.