One of the Wesleyan Churches’ national auxiliaries is Club Solo Ministries, which is a singles ministry to those who are divorced, widowed or have never IMG_2770married. It operates in four states of Australia with our main group in Melbourne, and smaller groups in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Geelong. Our biggest event is a week’s holiday on the Gold Coast during January every year. This year we again went to the Mermaid Waters Resort on the coast where we enjoyed 7 wonderful days with a bunch of fantastic Christian singles from around the country. We had people from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional Australia as well.

Our speaker was the Rev Greg Murray from Alpha Australia and the worship times were led by Wes Donaldson, a committee member of Club Solo. Wonderful teaching times were really appreciated as Greg spoke about Leaving the Layers aside. Solo ran tours every day to various places around the coast with the last night’s dinner cruise to McLarens Landing on South Stradbroke Island the magnificent highlight of the week.

The Director Rev. Steve Mitchell, was the Camp Director and found that the resort staff attended to their needs very well. As Director he found that the relaxed atmosphere contributed to this being one of the best holidays ever.

As well as this wonderful getaway, Club Solo has a number of events all over the country. Melbourne has been going the longest as in the past we used to have a couple of camps a year in Victoria and then one on the Gold Coast, but after a number of years that was extended to include something each month.

MelbourneWe have a great range of events that anyone from Melbourne or over the country can attend. We have the Disco Dance night on Saturday 27 Feb where we can relive our dance day glories!! On the June Long Weekend we have our Hall’s Gap Camp. The brochure and rego form will be on the website once it is completed. You can see Melbourne’s events if you click here 


adelaidIn South Australia on the March Long Weekend we have a singles camp at the Rymill Centre. It has been nearly two years since we have been in South Australia so it will be great to get back there. For a brochure click here.  The speaker willbe Rev Sione Veituna who is the National Director of Ambassadors for Christ International for Pacific Islands, based in Fiji. He came from the W.M.C. in Tonga.


In Brisbane Solo’s group is called “The Pines’. This group became part of Club Solo’s Ministries about 8 years ago. Click here to find out what events they are planning. They run weekly events so if you are single and in Brisbane you will be able to do something every week if you like.


sydneyIn Sydney the group runs on a quarterly basis during the year. Click here to find out what events they are planning. They have a big reunion event on the 27th Feb for lunch at Sizzlers in Kogarah. If you are in Sydney call Mark (as per the page above) and he will give you directions etc.


geelong2Our final group is in Geelong and if you click here you can find out what events they are planning. They meet every month during the yearwith the majority of their events being restaurant dinners. It gives people an opportunity to mix and mingle and talk over things with a meal.


Club Solo started in 1982 when Bill & Daphne Foster, from Sunshine Wesleyan Church, were asked to start a singles group whilst at Youth for Christ but YC didn’t see the need for a singles ministry. They believed that they were being looked after in their respective churches, but they weren’t. Bill also had some singles in his church who told him they didn’t go away on holidays because they had no-one to go with and didn’t want to go into the night club scene. So the Fosters started ‘Camp Solo”, as it was known then, with their own money and the rest they say is history.

Over the 34 years it has been in operation there are many, many stories of Christian single adults being blessed, healed, renewed and refreshed because of the ministry of the Holy Spirit through Club Solo. I have had many tell me they thought they were the only Christian single in their church or area or state, only to find out when they got to a singles camp that they were not alone. I know for sure that there have been a number of people who have said that before they went to a camp they were planning to commit suicide but afterwards they changed their mind and received their lives back because of what God showed them and the counselling they received whilst on camp.

The only negative that this story has is that even though this ministry was founded by Wesleyans and that most of the staff were Wesleyans, our many counsellors were Wesleyans (eg Dr Jim Ridgway, Rev Lionel Rose), many of the speakers were Wesleyans, and I am the National Director of Club Solo, there are but a small handful of Wesleyan singles who partake of this ministry. I don’t know why that is but I’m praying that our pastors in the Wesleyan churches would see the benefit that Club Solo can add to your church by ministering to the singles you have! I am confident that if you send them to Solo’s events or camps/holidays they will come back a more encouraged person and will be of greater benefit to you and the congregation as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I pray that it stirs you up to help the singles in your church or area to become a truly accepted member of your congregation.

Your brother in Christ
Rev Steve Mitchell
Director Club Solo Ministries

You can find details of all our events at which is updated regularly.