Emergency Relief in Tonga and PNG

World Hope International were able to respond to the emergency relief situation in Tonga after it was hit by cyclone Gita in February.  We were happy to partner with the Nazarene Church compassionate ministry NAZCARE who had personnel on the ground.

Then when Papua New Guineawas rocked by a 7.5magnitute earthquake in the early hours of February 26 and two other earthquakes in the following weeks as well as over 150 aftershocks.  All of these quakes happened in a region not far from where the Wesleyan Church in PNG was first established in the early 1960’s. Although there are no reports of Wesleyan’s loosing their lives, over 100 people did die as a result of these earthquakes.

Thanks to our Wesleyan Churches in Australia, World Hope International was able to respond to this earthquake emergency by sending volunteers and funds to assist in many different ways – here are some of the ways:

  • Joint food relief provided along with other ngo’s, water tanks, sanitation training and provision of soap, tarpaulins for shelter and information on how best to erect temporary shelters and toilets to prevent spread of disease.
  • Medical equipment delivered to volunteer Health Workers placed in earthquake affected villages. Medicines delivered. Medical evacuations and care of rescued persons.
  • Counselling carried out on an individual basis to people affected by earthquake, including information on earthquakes, group counselling on dealing with fear and helping children to cope.
  • Worked with communities to get teachers back in the schools, health clinics for children and activities to help children cope – balls etc for games.
  • Booklet printed on earthquakes, search and rescue, radio messaging. Connecting families separated by the disaster.

This was all done because our Australian Wesleyan Methodist Church saw the need and gave. All up we raised just over $10,000 – THANK YOU!

Ruth Thomas
World Hope International
CEO Australia