Engaged Men

As go the men, so goes the Church.

I recently shared some insight at the last pastor and leaders retreat, about the correlation between healthy men and healthy churches. If you have the time there are numerous books and statistics that can help you see this correlation and maybe even see how this affects your church. When a man comes to Christ it is more likely that his family will as well. In my own journey, my move closer to God and taking my faith seriously has impacted my whole family. My kids see and hear my response to Jesus and that will have more impact that any youth program ever will. See if it’s good enough for Dad than there must be value there. If Dad isn’t taking it seriously then… why should the kids? It’s very similar to a church, when the Pastor recommends something people take it seriously, when it’s just one of the announcements then it’s hit and miss.

I’m trying to make 2 points here: One, we need engaged men, this will produce a healthy church. Two, we need Pastors to engage with ministry to men beyond including a note in announcements.

This years Man Camp is approaching fast. The last weekend in October (27th-29th) sees our 4th Man Camp taking place at QCCC in Mapleton. The ongoing impact this camp is having is incredible and hard to imagine without having attended. Each year we have seen men finding freedom and strength in Christ. Forgiveness found and given, sins overcome, addictions broken, faith found, deeper faith realized, connections made and all through a powerful move of the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend.

If you haven’t booked yet, or even considered attending then now is the time to change that and seek engagement, both for yourself and the other men of your church.

Stephen Ellis