“Fix your eyes on Jesus!”

July 5-7th the Wesleyan Women of Western Australia came together for our winter retreat!   The theme was “Fix your eyes on Jesus!”    Hebrews 12:2 says “Fix your eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.” There were 24 of us that went to the beautiful Orchard Glory Farm Resort. We were especially spoilt by having Annette Dobson in this year to speak!   The weekend was full of focusing on God, Worship, laughter, building friendships, crafts, games, really good food, petting animals, and relaxation.   God spoke to many of the women about spending time in God’s word and really focusing on what matters first!   God moved in ladies lives and many women committed the following year to make changes and efforts to really put God first and spend time in his word, and make sure their priorities we’re all focusing on God.  We are looking forward to the many upcoming events we will have this year such as cardmaking, cooking shows, movie nWomens Retreat group photo 2013 Perth WAights, princess sleepover for our little girl’s, and jewellery making!  

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