Introducing – Pastor Ken & Janette Rutherford

Greetings to you all. Ken Rutherford

My name is Ken Rutherford, I am the Pastor of Kilcoy Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Kilcoy is about an hour and half drive North West of Brisbane, (not in peak hour) Kilcoy is at the north end of Somerset Dam, the area is made up of small to medium size farms, (crops and livestock).

Janette (my wife) and I, Courtney and Joshua (our children) moved to Kilcoy around four years ago after receiving a call to Pastor the Church. Janette and I were part of a small team that planted the Woodford Baptist Church seven years before that, and for reasons only God knows the Church joined the Wesleyan family. I was asked if I would continue as Pastor under the Wesleyan banner. With lots of prayer and meeting with DBMD and the DBA it was made possible.

The Church at Kilcoy meets on its own property (not rented). The Church started as a Bible Methodist Church around 40 years ago, some of the members who were there from the beginning are still worshiping and serving God today – praise God.

We have an average Sunday attendances of around 23 but it’s not about the size it’s about the passion within the people, everyone wants to be involved in doing something within the Church, (no pew sitters).

There have been many within the Wesleyan family that have helped, guided and have opened their arms and showed us so much love. It has left a great impression on Janette and myself as well as the rest of the Church. Everybody comments on this all the time – it just feels like we have come home. (It reminds me of the Parable of the Lost Son when he came home, Luke 15:20-22).

The Church has two Home Groups a Prayer Group, a small Youth Group, we also minister to the local aged care home called Aloaka three Sundays a month.

As from June 2015 we started Sunday night services, which we call “Sunday night gatherings” to reach out to those who cannot do Church Sunday mornings, these services fall on the third Sunday of the month, our plan for 2016 is to have these fortnightly on the second and the fourth Sunday so we can reach out to youth and young adults.

Janette and I have been married 22 years and we have been committed to serve God and the Church all that time,

I was saved 24 years ago and Janette gave her life to the Lord as a child. We have been all around Queensland with Janette’s work as a teacher from North QLD, Lockhart River in far North QLD, Baralaba near Moura in Central Queensland, to Roma way out west in Queensland. We have met some wonderful people, saw some wonderful and yet diverse country.

Our two children are Courtney who is 17 and Joshua who is 15, Courtney has just finished High school and looking for work while waiting to get into UNI, Joshua has just finished year 10 and is planning to do year 11 and 12.

I have been in the transport industry most of my life, I studied at North QLD College of Ministries, I have also studied externally through Morling Bible College NSW and Malyon College QLD and currently studying through Kingsley College.

Our plans for the future are to continue serving God and the Church to the very best of our ability (and the ability that God gives us) where ever we are.