Invest in Kingsely Australia

This month’s theme of “Invest” resonates well with the ministry of Kingsley Australia.

Invest in lives- training for ministry:
Our goal as a college is to invest ourselves into the lives of others. Kingsley trainers in training centres around the country give of their time, expertise and experience to equip men and women for ministry. The example of investing into others in class and conversation sets a great example for Kingsley students to then invest their lives into others.

In the last few weeks more Kingsley students graduated with a national recognised award. But it is the knowledge, skills and confidence gained that will enable people like John and Eric to invest their lives into others.

J & E
John Mohammad & Eric Hough receive their certificates from Kingsley Australia Principal Rev Kevin Brown

Investing in ministry candidates- scholarship fund:
One way that you can invest directly into the training of men and women for Christian ministry is through the Kingsley College Scholarship Fund. This is a tax deductible fund, but more important than that- your investment of funds go directly to ministry candidates who will in turn invest into others in their community and church.

Invest in the College- financially:
Kingsley College is the training centre for the Wesleyan Methodist church. One way that you can invest into your college is through financial donations to the operation of the college. We rely on the financial support of churches and individuals. Through this financial investment you are allowing the work of the college to continue and thrive. (Kingsley College (Westpac) BSB 033183 A/C 345335)

Invest time in prayer- for God’s work and call:
One of the greatest ways that you can make an investment into the lives of Kingsley students, Kingsley trainers, and the work of the college is through prayer. Please make time right now to pray and invest a few moments of your time. Pray that God would call many more men and women into ministry and then investment of their lives into our world.