Kingsley Update

Kingsley College- The 70thAnniversary of Equipping Men and Women for Ministry
2019 marks a milestone in the life of the college. We can celebrate God’s blessing and work within the life of the college over 70 years of training.

The vision of a Wesleyan Methodist Bible College in Australia led to the first classes under the leadership of Kingsley Ridgway in 1949. We can thank God that men and women are still receiving training with a Wesleyan ethos in 2019. Thanks be to God!

An excellent 30-minute film that captures just a few of the early stories of Kingsley College is available on the College website. Enjoy the video yourself, and then share it with your home group and church. Go to on “Watch Film.”

The annual Kingsley College Update will focus on the 70thAnniversary, with an Update in print (and pdf) available to all churches at District conference 2019.

Kingsley Community Training Centres
As a college, we connect in students to study at our two campuses (Mackenzie and Broadmeadows) and our training centres- in person and via web conference. Each week there are classes running that are providing excellent training that is both academically rigorous and practical. We have students who connect from overseas via web conference, as well as from across the country.
We are also able to offer training for international students who come to Australia on a student visa.
They are welcomed to the Broadmeadows campus for a full-time study program.
This is our Introduction to the Old Testament class at Townsville- with Lyndell Hall as trainer.

We Balance Both Spiritual Development and Ministry Formation
One subject running at the moment is an Advanced Diploma unit, Principles of Prayer. Our dual aim in all subjects is particularly evident in this one; that of encouraging the spiritual maturity of our students, while providing them with ministry training that will enable them to serve and lead well. This photo is of the Principles of Prayer class, with Susan Lee as trainer.
Please continue to pray for each Kingsley College student, asking that God will form and shape them into His image and equip them for service. Pray too that God will call many more women and men into study with the college- and then a lifetime of service for Him.






Kingsley College delivers training under the auspices of Unity College Australia RTO 6330 and CRICOS Code 02160A.

Kevin Brown