Kingsley Update

Feedback from one student in 2019

Throughout 2019 hundreds of Kingsley College students have worked hard on their study and have grown in knowledge and ministry skill. Each semester we receive constructive suggestions and positive feedback- this second semester of 2019 has been no exception. God has been at work in the lives of Kingsley College students- thank you for praying for the ministry of the college. 

One student emailed the following comments with her assessment for the study of Global Mission. With Elisiva’s permission, I want to share her comments with you. To God be the glory! 

“I want to share with you the impact upon me of the study of Global mission. I find myself very warmly moved- reached to a deeper level, strangely, and deeply moved spiritually. I was moved as I discovered and understood the theological and biblical roots of mission. Doing the work and reading the materials was amazing, and I cannot explain what moved me so far in the study of Global Mission, but I have to say, it impacted me deeply. 

One of the chapters referred to, or mentioned, Habakkuk 1:5, “Look at other nations, watch them and you will be amazed. I will do something in your life that will amaze you. You wouldn’t believe it even if you were told about it.” Verses in Genesis 12, “and in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” 

I look at how many families have come to know God and been blessed through the call of Abraham- that is so amazing just as we were told.”

God bless you, Elisiva. 

Kingsley College- The 70th Anniversary of Equipping Men and Women for Ministry

As 2019 comes to a close we can thank God for 70 years of training ministry through the work of the college.  

The vision of a Wesleyan Methodist Bible College in Australia led to the first classes under the leadership of Kingsley Ridgway in 1949. Praise God that men and women are still receiving training with a Wesleyan ethos- and will be in 2020.  

An excellent 30-minute film that captures just a few of the early stories of Kingsley College is available on the College website. Enjoy the video yourself, and then share it with your home group and church. Go to on “Watch Film.” 

Kingsley College Timetable for I 2020

The timetable for Kingsley classes is out- look out for a copy via email, from the college website from the Facebook page

Please pass on the news of college classes for 2020 to your church, friends and family.

Kingsley College Ministry Scholarship Fund

Each year ministerial candidates apply for and receive scholarship funds from the Kingsley College Ministry Scholarship Fund. This support to Kingsley students is a great blessing- and an encouragement to ministry candidates to continue to follow God’s call on their lives. BUT… scholarship funds are running very low. Your support of ministry candidates is invaluable. Make your donation to the scholarship fund via the college account (Westpac) 

Kingsley College

BSB- 033183

Account- 345335

Then email the college to notify the staff of a deposit and to receive a receipt

Through the scholarship fund we can continue to invest into ministerial training in 2020.