Kingsley Update

Bum-Shufflers Play Group
Meet Kerri- she enrolled into Field Education (better known as “God in the Neighborhood”), a Kingsley Community Advanced Diploma subject. Kerri and her class-mates explored how the church can be part of community development.
In Kerri’s words, “One of the highlights of the class was being able to visit the work of ‘Urban Seed’ in Melbourne city and Geelong. We got to meet the people who are working on the streets and to hear their stories and struggles. We were able to see where they work and understand why they do what they do.”

Each Field Education student was expected to research, carry out interviews in their community, and draft the plan for a project that would serve the community. One of the joys of Kerri’s life is helping to care for her disabled grandson. Her project was to work with others and develop a play group for families who care for disabled children. The play group will provide an opportunity for the kids to play together, and just as importantly, give the parents a chance to chat with others and relax over a cuppa.
Many of the kids shuffle around on their bottom- just like Kerri’s grandson- hence the name; “Bum-Shufflers Play Group.”
Kerri is just one Kingsley student of the very many who are living out their faith in their community and making a difference in the Name of their Savior. Well done Kerri!









Our Librarian Legends
For many years Margaret Tong served in the Kingsley library in Glenroy. Since the move of the Kingsley Headquarters to Broadmeadows, and development of a library across several of the Kingsley Community Training Centres, Margaret and Norm have both worked faithfully. Norm and Margaret have sacrificially given their time and energy, well into retirement years. Their goal has always been to serve their Lord- and provide study resources for Kingsley students.
The library collection in Brisbane needed a serious sorting out. Recently, Margaret and Norm drove from Melbourne to Brisbane and whipped the South Brisbane library into shape.
Kingsley students and Wesleyan leaders from around South Queensland are very welcome to make use of the library at the Kingsley training centre, Mackenzie.

Thank you for your hard work in Brisbane Margaret and Norm! Welcome back to Victoria where there are many more books ready for your attention…









Professional Development in Semester Two, 2017
Each year in Kingsley College we open up our subjects to welcome leaders and pastors for professional development.
The Doctrine of Holiness subject ran in semester one. A couple of our experienced pastors joined for PD. One of our pastors gave this feedback:
“The web interaction was good and being able to use ebooks while interacting with the class was good. Doing courses this way meets my need of face-to-face interaction as opposed to straight correspondence.
A good course and I think maybe all pastors should be more involved in continued education, especially on this subject.”
We could not agree more- all of our pastors should be involved in continuing education. In semester two, we have some excellent opportunities for PD. Below is a list of just some of those opportunities. Contact the College office in Melbourne on (03) 9357 3699 for more info and to enroll, or check the Kingsley Facebook page or website.

Biblical Foundations: Genesis 1-11 (offering in Brisbane and by web conference)
Mentoring Leaders (Offering in Melbourne and web conference- Tuesday mornings from the 8th August)
Church Planting & Development (offered in Melbourne and web conference- one week intensive, 31st July to 4th August)
Christian Apologetics (Offered in Melbourne and web conference- seven Monday’s from 7th August)