Kingsley Update

Kingsley College- Ministry Training in the Wesleyan Tradition

Semester one, 2018 has begun well with students gathering for study in Kingsley Community training centres, via web conference, and by distance. This semester Christian ministry and theology classes have begun at South Brisbane, Moreton/ Axis, Broadmeadows/ Dandenong, and Perth. We are also excited by the (re) commencement of Kingsley training in Sydney, Brisbane Polynesian Centre, and Canberra. Still to come later in the year are classes available (again) in Townsville. We have a faithful team of Kingsley Community trainers who are investing into men and women and equipping them for ministry. Please continue to pray for Kingsley trainers and Kingsley students.

Christian Ministry- Wesleyan Style

John Wesley was challenged regarding the reactions people had under Methodist ministry- reactions that were seen as too emotional and inappropriate. (Sunday 20thApril 1739 – almost one year after Wesley’s “heart-warming” experience). Wesley’s reply was,

“The question between us turns chiefly, if not wholly, on matter of fact. You deny that God does now work these effects; at least, that He works them in this manner. I affirm both, because I have heard these things with my own ears and have seen with my eyes. I have seen… very many persons changed in a moment from the spirit of fear, horror, despair, to the spirit of love, joy, and peace; and from sinful desire, till then reigning over them, to a pure desire of doing the will of God. These are matters of fact whereof I have been, and almost daily am, an eye- or ear-witness.”

-Our prayer and desire as a college is to equip men and women for a ministry that is used by God to bring similar change in the lives of others. We long to see many more people changed by God from a life of fear, horror and despair to salvation, joy and peace. We value our Wesleyan heritage and theology and believe that the God who used the Wesleys and the first Methodists can still use Methodist lay people and ministers today.

Please continue to pray that God would call many more men and women into ministry- and that He would trust Kingsley College with the task of equipping them for an effective ministry.

Kevin Brown