Kingsley Update

Church Planting Study Becoming a Reality
It has been almost two years since David Robertson completed study of Church Planting and Development with Kingsley College. His final project for the subject was to draft a proposal for a church plant. David’s pastor, Hugh Cameron, asked if this proposal could become a reality. But David said “No,” he was happy serving in the Capital Wesleyan church in Townsville. But God has had other ideas…

At the recent North Queensland conference David and Stacey Robertson and their team announced the plans to plant Hope Church in Elliot Springs, Townsville. The church plant will be supported by both existing Townsville churches and the North Qld district.
David said of the church plant, “Hope Church at Elliot Springs is gaining momentum. The church plant will be located 15kms south of Townsville in a new satellite city that is at present only made up of a handful of display homes. At its completion the 1,600 hectares will be home to over 26,000 people.”

David and Stacey are forming a team and working toward a launch for the church in February 2019.
At the college, we are excited to see students putting their study into practice. This is not the first time that a project in the Church Planting subject has led to an actual church plant. Nor is this the only example of how a Kingsley student has applied their study to practical ministry. But it is a recent, exciting example.

Please be praying for this particular church plant, and also for the many Kingsley College students across the country who are learning, growing in confidence, and applying what they have learned.

International Students Welcome at Kingsley College
Great news for 2019! International students can apply to study with Kingsley College at the Broadmeadows campus in 2019. Please pass on the news to your international contacts, and encourage them to contact the college and begin the visa application process.

Another option for people looking to study an Australian award is that they continue to live and minister in their country, but connect to Australian classes via web conference. Once again, if you have contacts overseas who would like to study Christian Ministry and Theology- then please put them in touch with the college office M: 0423 127 199 E:
These are exciting study opportunities for international students- they can come to Australian to study, or connect to classes via web conference. Please be praying as we follow up contacts and look to serve others through on-going contacts.

Kevin Brown