Kingsley Update

Congratulations to Some Kingsley Graduates
Every semester, more students graduate from our four awards. Three of those graduates were able to celebrate and be recognized for their achievement at the Pastor’s conference.
Congratulations Nathan Bell, Scott Lucas and Scott Griffith!
Two of our hard-working Kingsley Community Trainers, Gordon Kuss and Mal Moses, presented the awards and affirmed their support for these students.
For both Scott Lucas and Scott Griffith, this was an especially exciting achievement – the completion of their Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology – the final award toward their ordination.
This was a milestone for these pastors, and an exciting moment for the college as we see students complete all expectations toward ordination.
If you see these three men (or other graduates) in your travels- please congratulate them!

Change of Staff at the Melbourne Campus
Many of you will have come to know and appreciate Paulini Torovugalei at the College office in Melbourne. Unfortunately for us, Paulini has moved back to Fiji for work. We wish Paulini God’s very best.
Gemma Brown was already working part-time at the college in the library and giving student support. She graciously stepped up to learn from Paulini and is now the administrative assistant at the Melbourne campus. Gemma has very big shoes to fill, but we are sure that she will be a blessing to the college students and trainers through her work.