Kingsley Update

Kingsley Community Training
Kingsley training in 2017 has begun well. Many lay people from Wesleyan churches and other fellowships are learning and growing in confidence through the Kingsley classes. Ministerial candidates can be found in Certificate IV classes (just beginning), studying the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and the Graduate Certificate (the final step to ordination).

Please be praying for Kingsley students and trainers this year. Pray also that God would call many more men and women into a variety of ministries. In the coming weeks- consider how you could encourage someone in your local church or community to begin Kingsley study in semester two, 2017.

Professional Development Opportunities
Each year Kingsley College offers subjects that provide excellent Professional Development for existing leaders. Pastors and leaders are welcome to join a subject for one seminar or for several- at a very reasonable cost. All seminars are available for web conference connection.

Seminars in Christian Education are available on the 24th April, 22nd May, and 19th June.
Seminars in Doctrine of Holiness are available on 1st, 8th, 15th and 29th May, then the 5th June. On the 8th May Peter Lam will lead a study on- Preaching Holiness Today.
The 15th May will see Susan Lee lead the discussion on- Experiencing the Holy Life.
Contact the College office in Broadmeadows for more details- 0423 127 199.

PD opportunities for the second half of the year include;
Church Planting and Development (first week in August)
Mentoring Leaders
Christian Apologetics

Rev Kevin Brown
Kingsley Australia