Man Camp 2015

Man Camp 2015

“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time”

The second Wesleyan Methodist Church men’s camp was held last weekend at QCCC Mapleton, Qld. 70 men went up the mountain to join together to hear Holy Spirit inspired teachings specific to men and their struggles. This year the men had sessions on Sonship, Forgiveness, Shame, Honour & Submission, Love and Authority & Power. Presented by Stephen Ellis, Nick Susnjara, Paul Smith, Troy Kelly, guest speaker Ian “Watto” Watson and with David Newstead heading up the prayer ministry.

The weekend saw the youngest man there (15yo) give his life to Christ. Many men were able to shed shame and unforgiveness that have held them captive for decades. Physical healings occurred with the prayer ministry praying over most of the men who attended. Fears were overcome during the Saturday afternoon adventure activities. And the men grew in their love of God and understanding of how that looks in their lives. Not to mention the connections made, allowing these men to go forward from a position of support with Christian men banding together to support one another.

This is only the second year of Man Camp and so far the feedback has been amazing, the positive change in mens lives have been far reaching, impacting the men’s families and ministries, even into Thailand. All from the little gathering of men on the mountain top.

Registrations for Man Camp 2016 are already open and details are available on

Some of this years feedback:

“I’ve never been on a camp before where the program totally suited the target audience”

“I was expecting God to move, and He did.  I received a new experience of who I am.  Got to eject baggage that I had carried for 40+ years.”

“This is a great ministry with practical application.  Great testimonies from the team and participants.  I will come again.  I have learnt some new things this weekend”

“Every talk was God ordained for me. I really appreciate your obedience to God & Sharing what was on all your hearts. I have been blessed.”

“He speaks from personal experience, which is important.  His submission to God is a powerful story & will be life-changing for many”

“I was blown away at how well you guys organised the camp and covered such relevant topics to discuss. I definitely feel like I have been spiritually fed and blessed from all of you guys especially all of the leaders who were brave enough to tell your stories.”


Stephen Ellis

“Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

Proverbs 3:6 NLT