Ministry to Men

Or did I mean Men’s Ministry? Simple semantics, but with a big impact. Men’s Ministry being a ministry for men, or Ministry to Men being a ministry focused on Men. It’s a little thing, but it certainly impacted the way I have thought about this ministry.

If the ministry is focused on having men, our efforts will be focused on the numbers of men. If the ministry is focused on raising men, then our focus will be on training and enabling men.

There is no doubt, it’s getting harder to get men involved – we’re busy, have too many competing commitments, a lot of demands on our time, and if you’re like me you still need to find that time to clock off and do, well, nothing. If you were to invite me to an event, a course or a camp, I would need to know that I’m going to not be wasting my time; i.e. how is this going to improve my current situation?

The ministry to men that I have led for the last 4 years, has focused on ministering to men and raising leaders. Prayer and a plan came first.  Praying that God would bring leaders, men to be trained, followed by our first course which not only dealt with restoring a man’s heart but also provided the opportunity to teach small group facilitation to potential leaders.

The one thing I believe in for ministry leadership is passion – God centered passion for the ministry, a calling. The skills, resources and ability will be gifts for some and learnt or developed for others.

In 2017 you have the opportunity to learn these skills and get equipped. We want to support and train leaders to create and run a ‘ministry to men’ in your church as we start to share our learnings over the last 6 years. We plan to run workshops on Creating and Facilitating Ministry to Men as well as Man Camp Express (TBA May 2017) being a 1 day experience of the highlight talks from the past 3 camps and then on 27-29 Oct there is our official district mens camp: Man Camp

God has called me to raise men up and he’s called you to be a leader, an influencer, a light unto others. Please join us as you see these events advertised and feel free to contact me to discus or assist in your church.

Stephen Ellis
Director – Man Camp