My Muslim Neighbour

When I was doing my apprenticeship as a chef in the 70’s I had a Muslim friend. His friendship was special, at a time when I was struggling with life and loneliness, partly due to shift work and some other factors. He was a true friend that spoke truth & wisdom into my life just when I needed it. I had another friend who was an atheist and the three of us spent time together. We all had different view points on faith, a Muslim, a Christian, and Atheist. Yes, it would have been a joke if we had been walking into a pub together. 

But back to my Muslim friend he was a help and a support to me and he helped me though some of the pain of life, most likely more than he realised.

Interestingly there is a story of Jesus sharing about the man that was robbed and left for dead, in Luke 10:35-37. The religious persons, saw him and passed by on the other side but the Samaritan saw him, had compassion and meet his needs. Now the Samaritan was despised by those Jesus was telling the story to. For them the Samaritans were a mixed race. They held to different religious views. The people that Jesus was talking to saw them as a totally different religious group.

At the end of the story in the gospel of Luke Jesus said, who was the neighbour? The man that was talking to Jesus must have found it hard to answer, and he did not say ‘the Samaritan’, he said, ‘the one that showed mercy’ and Jesus said go and do the same.

Now if Jesus was telling that story in Australia today, He could have told about the good Muslim. You see my friend back in the 70’s was a neighbour to me.

Isn’t it time we started to do what Jesus said and do likewise, love our Neighbour.