New Kingsley

New Kingsley
Daryl Walker is the Pastor of Box Forest Wesleyan Methodist Church in Melbourne Victoria and he studied at Kingsley College many years ago. But now he is a resident again!
The old Kingsley property in South Street, Hadfield was sold to a property developer in 2010 and now has four apartments built inside the “old castle” and multi-story buildings either side. The developers titled the property “New Kingsley”. The three blocks of flats that former Kingsley students and faculty are familiar with were extended and renovated.
Daryl now is the very happy resident of one apartments inside the renovated old building.
For those who remember the old building well, the three offices that used to be on the right as you walked in (Registrar, finance and counselling faculty offices) have been gutted and rebuilt to become a very nice two bedroom apartment.
Daryl is just happy to have such a nice apartment to live in right next door to his church.
Please pray that Daryl’s contacts with the residents and the witness of the church in the area will be used by God to see His church continue to grow.
Daryl- Kingsley 1
Daryl- Kingsley 2