NSW District Conference Report 2016

What an exciting NSW District conference!!! And exciting for all the right reasons – our DS and his wife have moved into the neighbourhood, we have 3 new church plants in NSW, Rev. Jackson Gill’s ordination credentials were officially transferred to the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia, and Pastor David Eco is back in the land Downunder……

All the praise and glory belongs to our God who is still very much alive and at work in NSW.

Rev. Rex Rigby opened the conference with a vision for the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia, a message of embracing the diversity in our nation and cross cultural ministry focus.

The African Congolese church plant in Wollongong lead by Pastor David Runezerwa and his team, Somoan Faith church in Liverpool lead by Pastor Martin Sua and his team and a new Filipino fellowship in Parramatta facilitated by Rev Arestedes Balatan.

There were a number of presentations at the conference, we welcomed new people who were attending the conference for the very first time, we heard a presentation from Rev. Kevin Brown about the number of different study options that Kingsley College currently offers and we were encouraged by the missions presentation that Rev. Dallas Thomas facilitated. He requested prayer and support for Richard Soto and his family as well as for Alister and Elaine Moss who will serve in the Solomon Islands.

Neville and Linda Osborne from the Pittwater church told the conference about their mission trip to PNG with the Floyds. They were amazed and blessed to see just how much the Floyds do in PNG and how respected they are by the locals – what a witness for Jesus!

It is fantastic to see such enthusiasm and growth in NSW and we are excited for the things to come.

Please keep the pastors in your prayers, holding them up before God for strength and courage to continue to build His Kingdom.

Rev. Lex Akers spoke about implementing Head, Heart and Hands development. He has a wonderful vision for this district which he shared with us and will continue to share over the coming months but he needs your help and support. Please keep Pastor Lex in your prayers as he leads the district.