Nth Qld District Conference

77 people, travelling up to 7 hours/ 620km from across NQ gathered to CELEBRATE: 

  • The addition of two more churches this year: Elliot Springs and Mackay; 
  • the ordination of Rev Kenneth Wilson (Townsville WMC) 
  • the recognition of 5 pastors who have served 25+ years: Rev Lindsay Enderby: Rev Joanne Enderby; Rev Vivyenne Manderson; Rev Hugh Cameron and Rev Stuart Hall. 
  • two more ministers in process of transfer; Pastor Charles Amani and Pastor Lweya Sadiki 
  • the increase of members to 204 (+11%), satisfying the requirement for Provisional District Status! 
  • The NQ District WMC Conference 
  • The NQ District Women’s WMC Conference 

Speakers included: 

  • Tammy Susnjara who challenged us in Developing Leadership Pathways; identifying, developing, empowering and releasing leaders over three night messages;  
  • N.S. Rev Rex Rigby who challenged us to decide who will call the shots in our lives, our ministries and our churches; 
  • D.S. Rev Stuart Hall who called us back to this “One Thing”, to KNOW Christ, personally, powerfully and persistently;  
  • John Steenhof, Lawyer, of The Human Rights Law Alliance law firm, who helped us to understand with greater clarity, what is happening in our nation, concerning freedom of thought, conscience and religion, a sobering reminder to be salt and light, while we are able. 

Ministries included: 

  • KIDS: Rachel Knobel, under a shady tarp, assisted by Jim & Helen Maher with puppets; they blessed our kids with Bible stories that demonstrated that God loves us and is powerful and fully able to care for us and conference with a great action song and their happy play. 
  • TEENS: Jonathan McClintock helped our teens to connect with God’s Word and each other through a variety of activities.  

These two ministries are vital in the family focus of our North Queensland District Conference! 
The Conference also welcome presentations from: 

  • NQ Church Planting Partners (previously Co-Labourers) who are supporting 4 churches; 
  • World Missions (via video), where Rev David Collins recognised the support of the Australian Churches, and in particular, of the Yeppoon WMC Missions team who visited in May/June this year;  
  • Kingsley College, who have seen an increase in NQ students, in both audit and credit. 

We were blessed to have two Congolese pastors from the Townsville WMC join us for the first time.  They are ministering to a growing population in Townsville, and are also seeking to support a growing number in Cairns meeting under Pastor Barry and Pastor Lorraine Currie’s oversight.  They were very encouraged by attending the District Conference.  

Rev Stuart Hall