Nth Qld District Conference

Discovering Discipleship Pathwayswas the clear theme for this year’s selection of speakers as we took on the first of three years inspired by our National Heartbeat. Next year we will be Discovering Leadership Pathways and in the third year we will Discover how to grow and become POD Churches.

 It was truly a family atmospherewith Rev Melissa George (National Children’s Director) engaged with 17 primary -aged children and Jonathan McClintock (District Youth Director) motivating 13 High School age children in a total of 82 people in caravans, campervans, and cabins. A potential snake bite and a near-tragic swimming incident only served to strengthen the bonds between us and heighten our worship of our Lord.

While 7 of our 8 churches were represented – we missed our dear brothers and sisters from the One Mob Fellowship church and Band – we are excited with the prospect of planting two new churches in the coming year. Co-labourer’s support this year is being directed to the new church plant at Elliot Springs, the Cairns replant, One Mob Fellowship and another potential church plant.

Over the past 12 months, our District celebrated the Ordination of David Robertson; the arrival of Kenneth Wilson from Canada (Townsville WMC Youth & Young Adults); the appointment of Carol Major as Supply Pastor to One Mob Fellowship WMC, increased membership (177-181) and attendances in worship(+3%), small groups (+4%) and Sunday School (+54%).

The elected District Leadership team, almost unchanged, is working well together and looking forward to spiritual and numerical growth both in new churches, and also in membership with only 19 more to reach Provisional District Status.

The messages from a variety of speakers complemented each other:

  • Rev Stuart Hall – the urgency to take the time and personal commitment to see Christ formed in our disciple-making;
  • Rev Rex Rigby – abiding: choose your connections, they determine your capacity;
  • Rev David Robertson – the necessary heart choices to become fruitful disciples
  • Rev Keith Rose – being qualified, not under-, over-, or dis-qualified.
  • Rev Ron McClintock – presented their Yeppoon “under construction” Discipleship Pathway
  • Rev Dr Don Hardgrave – challenged us to be ready in a day of opportunity with the message of holiness needed for a might spiritual awakening in our day.

Presentations were also given by Rev Kevin Brown about Kingsley Australia, by Mrs Ruth Thomas about World Hope Australia and by Rev David Collins about Wesleyan World Missions (focus on the Solomon Islands)

Our Church family went out inspired by the messages, encouraged by the fellowship, hopeful for the harvest and prepared to pay the price to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Rev Stuart Hall
Nth Qld District Superintendent