Our Plans verses God Plans – A year of God’s Definite Provision

Our Plans verses God Plans – A year of God’s Definite Provision

2015 started as every other year, busyness in the beginning as ministries started up for the year and plans, our plans for what we thought God was wanting us to do. But on Friday 20th February the plans for our year changed. Along with many others in the Capricorn Region the Rocky Wesleyan Church was significantly impacted. After Tropical Cyclone Marcia went through the region our church building was left leaning from the strong winds. The foundation of the church was uncertain as was the future of the building. A number of our planned events and focal points for the year had to be put hold. So we were left waiting without any clarity on the outcome. We didn’t know where we were going to meet, how we were going minister to our community or even how long before we would re-enter the building.

God’s provision came through a conversation with the local School Principal. A place to meet was offered without it being asked for. The room given to us had a place to store our gear, air con, toilets and a kitchen. This room become our church home for the next 9 months. God’s provision came from the Wesleyan Churches donating funds which was able to meet the excess of $5000 for insurance and God’s provision came even in the delays of the insurance process.

After a number of months of waiting, a plan was laid out to see the church repaired. Even though the waiting was frustrating at times, unknown to us but known to God there was a great reason for the delays. Due to delays we were able to source our own builder, which was a God made connection, as we choose to go with Dux Builders who are part of the professional arm of Mobile Mission Maintenance.

Work began in earnest in late July with Dux Builders going above and beyond throughout the process. The Church ended up with brand new steel stumps, brand new fortified eastern wall, and a brilliant new paint job and in the end the builders donated new carpet.

At the start of November Dux Builders finished their work and the clean-up and the move back into the church began. A number of working bees later, setting up of chairs and sound gear, a new kitchen installed the building was finally again ready for use.

On the 29th November we gathered together  for worship again in the building which God has provided for us. It felt like a new building. Our plans to see renovation work completed over 5 -10 years was completed within a year because God’s plans are always better than our plans.

With the opening of the building we see a new sense of excitement as well as a new sense of renewal. We have had a number individuals who have used this time to renew their commitment to God and the church and returned to regular attendance. This year God used a storm to bring us so many blessings and we look forward to seeing His plans work out in our church and in our lives for 2016.

With great thanksgiving

Keith Rose

Pastor Rocky Wesleyan10. Lakes Creek School Principal