Passing the Baton

When we watch a relay race and the runners near the place to change the baton over, we can find ourselves with a catch of breath, a pause…..Is it going to be smooth?  Will they drop it? How will they go?   For that brief moment, everything hinges on the outcome. If it goes well, the event is hardly remembered; not so, if it doesn’t.

As we came to High School Camp this year, Director Pastor Scott Griffiths was taking over from Pastor Scott Lucas who had previously led for 10 yrs. Pastor Nathan Bell was handing over the Sound/ Lighting etc to Dave Ottenginer, Claire Markotanyos/ Rachel Mayer were taking over the admin role from Donna Lucas and there were lots of new young leaders ready to step out and up in faith for Jesus.

As the “Grandparent Chappy figures on the camp” we were thrilled with the changeover: the result of great discipling and mentorship.  Not only that, the speaker Reuben Yates NZ, son of Pastor Mike & Michelle Yates  (fondly remembered for their ministry in the Sth Qld district) was an engaging, creative and memorable speaker.  The theme ‘Deep’ was a thoughtful one; helpful to young people exploring faith and those who have chosen to follow Jesus.  Rueben’s messages led to many committing to going deeper in their faith. There were other practical outcomes too e.g. campers were challenged to give to World Hope and inspired to do this in creative ways.  Rueben was prepared to shave off his Mo and Mark Missenden (leader) his mop of hair, with over $300 being donated on the day from young people.

Year after year around 30 Year 12’s graduate from HS Youth Camp on a special night with formal attire, awards, celebration and fun.  These young people have so much potential and we pray that they will find it in serving Jesus no matter where they are in the world. It’s another baton that we long to see passed well and with no mishaps.

Our joy is to see young leader’s return to lead groups who themselves have wrestled with faith and gone deeper….another baton passed well.   Keep praying for our young people that they will know the great love of God, sense His presence and purpose in their lives and be transformed to minister in whatever situation they find themselves.

Pray that all these young people really come to know Jesus to have as Wesley termed it   “Saving Faith” now that would be another baton passed well.

Rev Heather Hall  & Rev Rodney Hall

Ministers in Toowoomba and Camp Chaplains from 2015-2018.