Special Announcement

Indiana Wesleyan University Expands to Australia

The Leadership of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia has been working with the Indiana Wesleyan University, inviting them to expand to Australia.  It is a joy to announce that the Indiana Wesleyan University Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to authorize the creation of the University’s first international campus through the acquisition of Wesley Institute in Sydney.

It is their aim to broaden Wesley Institute’s course offerings and elevate its status to that of a fully recognized university.  Through its online courses the university will cater for students living outside of NSW.

This move to Australia by one of our own Wesleyan Universities will raise our profile in Sydney, NSW and around the country and compliment our Kingsley Australia training institution.  These are exciting days, God has much more in-store for us in the future.

Rev. Rex Rigby, National Superintendent.



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