Townsville Bulletin Article

Church leaders join forces to pray for rain to end drought in Townsville and top up water supply
VICTORIA NUGENT, Townsville Bulletin
February 7, 2017 12:00am
“SEND ‘er down Huey.”
That is the common cry of drought-stricken farmers and this week the city’s churches will come together to send their own message to the man upstairs.
Townsville’s churches have combined to hold a prayer event on Thursday morning at Ross River Dam to pray for rain.
Reverend Stuart Hall said the dam seemed a suitable location to pray, given that recent rainfall had largely missed the catchment area.
“It really stems from the sense that God is the one who will provide rain and sometimes God chooses to withhold it to get our attention,” he said. “I’m not saying that some places that get more (rain) deserve it more but there is a general sense that because it’s God who provides it, we need to talk to him.”
Reverend Hall said he had no doubt that many people would have already sent up individual prayers for rain.
“We wanted to do it in a public way because it’s about not hiding our faith,” he said. “We’ve all individually been praying for rain but this is something we’re coming together to do.”
Prayers will be held by the Combined Christian Churches of Townsville at 6.30am Thursday 9th February 2017 at Townsville’s Ross Dam.









Pastor Leanne Osborn, Reverend Anne Harley, Reverend Stuart Hall and Reverend Bruce Cornish will be part of a group praying for rain at Ross River Dam. Picture: Evan Morgan