Townsville Wesleyan Beach Church

Townsville Wesleyan Beach Church
Townsville WMC Beach Church2

In September our church enjoyed a picnic at Pallarenda Beach with some games, food and fellowship. Two guys, Dez and Daniel were discussing, “Why don’t we have church down here at the beach some Sunday nights? This was the seed thought prompted two events (Oct and Nov) since then we have called it “Beach Church.”

The goal of Beach Church has been to reach people who are not comfortable with traditional church. These two events have been an opportunity for the local church to get a feel of what it is like and have confidence to invite their unchurched friends.

It has been an opportunity for people to have informal time in a more relaxed environment. We have included activities for the whole family, a BBQ together, a couple of songs and a short drama – everyone loves – which is linked to a brief talk outlining some aspect of introducing people to God.

Still some tweaking. Looking forward to strengthening this “bridge” and using it for taking the gospel in the coming year!

Pastor Stuart Hall
Townsville Wesleyan Methodist Church