Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines

Dr. Patacsil flew to Cebu city yesterday, one of the sites of the massive destruction. That is 1 hour flight south of Manila.

“We are traveling to Northeastern Cebu, in the town of Medellin, in the village of Antipolo. Both the Wesleyan Church and the parsonage in this Antipolo village collapsed. 3 homes of our members were totally wrecked/damaged. 13 homes of our members have heavy/massive damages.

It will need at least US $ 30,000.00 to recover from such loss. If we include neighbors or folks from our catchment areas whose homes were also damaged, another $ 30,000.00 is needed to recover.

Dr. Albert will also try to go to the other island called Leyte where we have another Church BUT the waves are huge, current are strong. The Pastors there could not send any message because the power lines are broken and there are no communication signals. No updates from that area.

Some of our members who started the Church in Tacloban city (the hardest hit area) has been airlifted now to Manila (by AC 130)…I supposed that is a military helicopter or something. Their names are Daniel and Eda Borromeo. But their Dad is missing. Their home and all their personal effects and properties were swept away and swallowed by gigantic currents, just like “tsunami”

World Hope Australia is working with the Wesleyan Church in the Philippines to provide emergency relief.  To donate click here.

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