World Hope Christmas Day Offering

These past few months we have been promoting the importance of clean fresh water and sanitation for communities where World Hope Int works.

  • Improper school sanitation facilities causes many health issues and is a reason for teenage girls to drop out of school. A gift of $1500 will cover the cost to build a sanitation facility and clean water in a rural school.
  • Many children spend 6-8 hours a day fetching water – hours that could be spent in school if there was a clean water supply near their community.
  • Long trips to water leaves girls vulnerable to abuse.

Clean water not only assists with health and wellness but with Education, Economic Empowerment and Safety from violence.  Click here for a brochure which you can share with your congregation this weekend to let them know the difference their Christmas Day Offering will make through World Hope Int.   You can find a video via this link to show as well

If you would like to donate our bank account details are:
World Hope International Ltd
Westpac Bank
BSB: 034 072
Acc#: 285805

Thank you for your support of World Hope International.

Ruth Thomas
CEO (Australia)